Your Questions Answered

We recognize and understand the role of women in driving socio-economic growth and change. Given that we have solutions suited for the Nigerian woman, we are using this as the ideal opportunity to position these solutions to meet required needs. It is also a demonstration of our recognition of the power of women to achieve any and everything they set their hearts to.
It is for all women. FirstGem is for women at every level and cutting across all income strata. We have solutions for low-income earners to high net worth individuals, professionals, women entrepreneurs, business leaders etc.
Every woman can open a FirstGem Account. You can also migrate your existing FirstBank Account to begin enjoying FirstGem benefits (terms & conditions apply).
Yes. We can convert your existing generic current account to a FirstGem current account while your existing generic savings account can be converted to FirstGem generic savings account. Ask any of our advisers in the branch and they will help you speedily.
When you migrate to FirstGem, you may choose to either keep your current card or get the card that comes with your new account. The choice is entirely yours. We will gladly help deactivate your existing ATM card so you can enjoy the benefits of your FirstGem card with the built in extra benefits tailored to suit your needs.
Zero opening balance for FirstGem Savings variants, N5,000 for FirstGem current individual and N10,000 current corporate.
Here are a few of the numerous benefits of opening the FirstGem Account:
  1. Target savings for building personal investment portfolio
  2. Member of the FirstGem community of women to share, learn and be mentored
  3. Access to select leadership programmes/workshop/trainings on Women empowerment
  4. Access to business skills on wealth management and investment plans
  5. Advisory services on Real Estate opportunities
  6. Access to soft loans (Business and Personal) from FirstBank
  7. Zero Drafting fees-with our business partner – FBNQuest Trustees.
  8. Discount on Auto Insurance and Education plan for your children with our business partner FBN Insurance
  9. Special promotions and discounts at select merchants outlets for account holders
For FirstGem Current Account, yes there is a concession charge. But there is no charge on FirstGem Savings Account.
Yes, as a FirstGem account holder and as an entrepreneur, you can get advisory services that allow you access to soft loans dedicated to women SMEs at a unique single digit rate.
Yes, as a FirstGem account holder and as an entrepreneur, you have the opportunity to access soft loans dedicated for women SMEs by CBN and BOI at a special single digit rate.
Yes, FirstGem current account holders are eligible to loans from FirstBank when all terms and conditions are met.
Yes, where the salary account is a generic current account, it can be migrated to FirstGem current account.
No, it's open to both existing and new women customers
Yes, account holders have access to investment opportunities
Yes, it is available to women in the diaspora.
Verve and MasterCard only.
Yes, we have Relationship Managers attached to each account who would guide you in accessing the intervention loan.
FirstGem current account holders are eligible for the seminars and would be invited in line with their careers/business line.
All FirstGem current account holders are eligible to access loans from the bank when all terms and conditions are met.