Product Variants

At FirstBank, we recognize the importance of women in driving socio-economic growth. That is why we created FirstGem to empower women to achieve all their business goals.

FirstGem is an account designed specifically to meet your needs as a woman - our way of supporting your dreams all the way! With FirstGem, you can get low-cost loans for your business, secure funding for an investment opportunity, or undertake new exciting projects that really matter to you.

The account comes in two variants::

  • Savings
  • Current account
Savings Accounts

FirstGem Savings Account

  • Zero account opening and operating balance of N100.
  • Customised debit card.
  • Flexible means of identification and 2 passport photographs required to open account.
  • FirstOnline – internet banking access/availability.
  • Maximum single deposit of N100,000 at a time
  • Maximum cumulative balance at any time is N500,000; in the event the cumulative balance exceeds N500,000, account holders will be engaged to migrate to the generic savings account variant with full KYC requirements

FirstGem Generic Savings Account

  • Zero account opening
  • Minimum operating balance of N100
  • Over the counter inter-sol transactions allowed
  • Customized debit card
  • Default savings interest rate
  • Internet Banking/FirstOnline available
Current Account

FirstGem Current Account

  • Minimum opening balance of N5,000 for Individuals and N10,000 for female owned companies.
  • Customized debit card.
  • FirstOnline – internet banking access/availability.
  • Account Maintenance Charge is capped at N0.90/mille per month.
  • Two (2) satisfactory references.
  • Utility bill of applicant.
  • Verifiable means of identification.
  • Other requirements for opening current account (Individual & Corporates) apply