Earrings are the most traditional and one of the oldest forms of body modification.

In many cultures and contexts, earrings have traditionally been worn as symbols of cultural or tribal identity, as an identity of womanhood, as milestones of age, marital status or rank.

In some culture across Asia and Africa, infants get their ears pierced as early as several days after birth. 

Some cultures even believe earrings have ‘protective or medicinal powers’.

But in this modern day and age, a lot of earrings are worn by an overwhelming majority of adult females as a fashion piece that brings out grace and elegance and is a statement that enhances the overall beauty of the face.

Some climes are engaged in ‘ear stretching’ as a cultural statement or personal statement.

Earrings have a long history of enhancing beauty and decorating the body.

Earrings are used to appear ‘dressed up’ even if you have just rolled out of the bed.

Good quality earrings are cheaper (than other forms of jewellery) and easy to swap to completely change your style.

You can change the look of your outfit by simply swapping your earring to a more elaborate or glamourous pair that dangles like ‘tassles’ and you swap from office look to an evening of sophistication. 

 Earrings are easily seen, once worn, because they are next to your face, so they add some aesthetics to your overall looks.

Earrings accent the neckline, hairline and cheekbones, hence they make the viewing profile of the face a little more interesting.

Sparkling earrings dazzle and catch the light which makes eyes turn and your looks ‘attention grabbing’.

Earrings are ‘inherently feminine’ because wearers are overwhelmingly female.

Some people consider earrings as ‘sexy’ because they draw attention to the neck where ‘the erogenous zone’ exists. Your earrings can help you ‘stand out of the crowd’ grabbing the attention of all, especially the opposite sex!

Usually women wear earrings as per their attire.

Earrings are also an interesting way to stockpile and display wealth in an understated manner, with pearls, diamonds, platinum, gold and other precious metals as well as gems.