Every woman needs a girl boss outfit!

The word "Girl Boss"€ might scare you a little bit - sounds like something meant to describe a woman who is the CEO of her own company or someone who runs and manages her own business, right?

No. Just before you feel excluded, you don'€t have to be all that. Sophia Amoruso, in her book a €GIRLBOSS€ describes the term as a girl who is in charge of her own life. Someone who gets what she wants because she works for it. Someone who takes control and accepts responsibilities.

If this is the kind of woman you are, today we are going to share with you 5 wardrobe essentials you absolutely must have!

1.  A Black Blazer:

This is one thing you should have in your closet. This is because it is a very stylish and versatile piece of clothing.

A black blazer can be worn on literally anything - a shirt, a dress, on a skirt, on a pair of jeans, anything! And can be worn to suit whatever look - casual, semi-formal or formal - you would like to rock for the day.

2.  Little Black Dress {LBD}:

This is another outfit you should totally invest in. The amazing thing is, you really do not need more than one!

Like the black blazer, the LBD is also one piece of clothing that is very versatile and can be worn for different occasions. As suggested by fashion stylist, Jumoke Salami of Kwasee, it can be worn:

a. With a bold statement neck piece.

b. An animal print staple. e.g; Shoe, purse or scarf

c. On a well-tailored jacket/blazer.

d. On sneakers for a more casual look.

e. With a denim jacket, kimono or statement coat.

You would be surprised, with all these various ways to wear your little black dress, how differently stylish you'd look every time.

3.  Button up Collared Shirts:

As a Girl Boss, another essential in your wardrobe are multi-coloured button up collared shirts.

These shirts are perfect for work, a visit to the mall, a casual outing or even a trip to the beach, depending on how it is styled. You can wear them on a skirt, on a pair of pants and jeans even, with each variant perfectly suiting whatever occasion you are set for.

4.  Skirts that Fit Perfectly:

Sure you saw this coming. As a Girl Boss, you also need to invest in a pair of good skirts.

If you do not have much, we would advise that you go for skirts that are not so loud, both in colour and in design. We would even recommend one or two plain, black skirts in all the mix you choose to buy.

5.  A pair of good shoes:

As a Girl Boss, you should have at least a pair of stilettos and a pair of flats.

Stilettos, of course, make your legs look amazing and are best worn with pencil skirts or slim pants. You should, however, avoid wearing them with mini skirts. This is because as advised by fashion stylists, there is a fine line between stylish and trashy and that pairing crosses it.

Flats too are a good pair of investments. Well polished and you are good to go, anywhere.

It is important that you know this. None of these items listed above would look half as good as they should be, if not properly taken care of.

As a girl boss, you need to learn to maintain your clothes, irrespective of the quantity that make up your closet. Before leaving the house, fix whatever tear there is on your dress, replace that button that removed last week, iron that rumpled shirt, sew the ripped hand of your bag and for heaven's sake, discard whatever piece of clothing you know is simply irredeemable. This could affect your self-esteem, if not done.

Finally, one last piece of clothing you should totally wear as a Girl Boss is your confidence. Never leave home without it. Of course, your clothes should help you feel confident when you put them on,  but most importantly, true confidence comes from within. Irrespective of whatever you are wearing, this is what distinguishes you from every other woman out there. 

We hope this helps. Which tip do you find the most helpful? Leave a comment below!